Kimtech Pure G3 Sterile Nitrile Gloves 12″ 200 pair/case

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KIMTECH PURE* G3 Sterile white nitrile gloves provide unrivalled contamination control and cleanliness, designed to protect both the wearer and their processes in a range of regulated cleanroom environments. The high quality white nitrile construction ensures these hand-specific sterile gloves are ideal for EU GMP ISO Class 5 (Grade A) sterile cleanrooms.High risk applications demand sterile contamination protection that is rigorously tested and certified for all relevant requirements, while still providing the wearer with excellent levels of comfort and tactile control to ensure processes are safe and efficient. The disposable KIMTECH PURE* G3 sterile white nitrile gloves fulfil both of these criteria, with user-friendly design and white nitrile material that protects against chemical splash, viruses, cytotoxic drugs and micro-organism contamination.The powder-free gloves also feature a textured finish for improved grip and sensitivity while still being suitable for double donning. The gloves are also anti-static tested, meeting the requirements defined in EN1149-5:2008, and contain no natural rubber latex or silicone, which reduces the risk of skin irritation.The KIMTECH PURE* G3 sterile white nitrile gloves are PPE Category III certified, validated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 and feature a cleanliness level of a maximum of 950 particles <gt/>0.5μm/cm2, and an endotoxin level of 20 units/pair maximum. The gloves are provided cleanroom-ready; double-packaged in polyethylene bags to ensure your processes and workflows can stay operating efficiently.

  • 10 bags x 20 pairs, white gloves, 8, (400 total)
  • High levels of contamination protection against particles, micro-organisms, viruses, cytotoxic drugs and chemical splash with low endotoxin level.
  • Made from latex- and silicone-free sterile white nitrile, validated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and textured finish for handling in delicate processes, in both wet and dry conditions
  • Hand-specific, disposable and featuring a beaded cuff for added strength and easier donning
  • Efficient construction and cleanroom-ready packaging that minimises waste.

10 Bags x 20 Pairs = 400 Gloves

Size and Code
6 – HC61160
6.5 – HC61165
7 – HC61170
7.5 – HC61175
8 – HC61180
8.5 – HC61185
9 – HC61190
10 – HC61110