Kimtech Pure A5 Sterile Cleanroom Hood

Rp 4.675.000 (belum PPN)

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The Kimtech Pure* A5 Sterile Cleanroom Hood with Ties is a high-value combination of quality and comfort, which is delivered by the SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) material. White.
Easy to don, comfortable to wear and efficient to stock
Engineered to protect workers and your bottom line
Typical Uses (ISO 5-8 Cleanroom Environments): Compounding, Mixing, Filling, Cleaning

When you need a high-value combination of quality and comfort – as well as reliable sterile cleanroom protection – you can trust Kimtech A5 Sterile Cleanroom Hoods with Ties. They have an average bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 96% and are made of 100% polypropylene breathable SMS fabric, which gives the wearer cloth-like comfort. This personal protective apparel is triple-bagged and vacuum packaged, suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms. It is not made with natural rubber latex, silicone, or the BHT preservative and is designed for single-use (disposable PPE). Kimberly Clark Professional is a respected name in protective apparel, enabling you to deliver the reliable protection you’re required to provide and the peace of mind your team deserves.

  • Triple bagged, vacuum packed, suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms; CE certified
  • Works with a variety of respirators and masks
  • This protective apparel isn’t made with natural rubber latex, BHT preservative and or silicone
  • Kimtech A5 Cleanroom Apparel is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, clean-processes and individually packaged under cleanroom conditions
Kimberly-Clark Product Code 25797
Brand Kimtech*
Color White
Style With Ties
Quantity/Unit 1 Unit(s) / Pack
Units/Case 100 Pack(s) / Case
Quantity/Case 100 Unit(s) / Case