Kimtech Pure A5 IHAM Sterile Hoods with Integrated Masks

Rp 6.175.000 (belum PPN)

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Kimtech™ A5 Sterile Hoods with integrated masks are designed to guard the face and head from common contaminants, providing seamless protection when and where it counts. The aseptic gowning technique saves time while reducing the risk of contamination, and the hoods are suitable for use in EU GMP ISO 5 Grade A sterile cleanrooms.The sterile cleanroom hoods feature advanced CLEAN-DON™ technology for simple, safe and efficient sterile donning practices. A highly visible blue line on the hood’s inside indicates the correct place to grasp for aseptic gowning. The garment is also presented folded inside-out to avoid contamination, with pull down ties on the back to assist gowning.The sterile cleanroom hoods are made from high performance SMS material which has a cloth-like feel. This low-lint fabric features high-strength bound and triple-stitched seams and adheres to Helmke Drum test Category I. Once donned the secure construction means there are no gaps between the hood and mask to ensure exhaled air is filtered, and the gamma-irradiated hoods feature a high bacterial filtration efficiency.The hood elastics provide a comfortable, secure and universal fit, and they are provided individually vacuum-packed for added sterility assurance. This efficient and environmentally-friendly packing is also designed to reduce space so that more products can fit into gowning area storage.


  • Assured Compliance:- PPE Cat III according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425,- Type 6 (PB) certified,- Certificate of Conformance by lot available online,- Certificate of Sterility by lot available online.
  • Suitable for use in EU GMP ISO 5 Class A sterile cleanroom environments and laboratories, and provided with supporting technical information to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Featuring advanced CLEAN-DON™ technology for fast, simple and compliant aseptic donning that combines two donning steps into one.
  • The comfortable hoods are provided in a universal size and are made from low-lint breathable SMS fabric with a cloth-like feel.
  • Contamination protection is ensured through high quality sterility assured material with high-strength bound and triple-stitched seams, and there are no gaps between the hood and mask.
  • Individually vacuum-packed and efficiently double-bagged to save space.


Code Case Count
Integrated Hood & Mask (36072) 75 individual units per case