KIMTECH A6 Cleanroom Liquid Splash Protection Coverall (Non-Sterile)

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You can trust Kimtech™ A6 Breathable and Liquid Protection Coveralls when you need a high-value combination of quality, comfort and enhanced chemical and microbiological protection. With two innovative fabrics for protection and comfort, the hood, front panel, arms and legs are made of high-performance laminated film fabric, while the back panel is made of ultra-lightweight breathable SMS material for comfort. This PPE features a unique origami fold, designed to reduce gowning time and contamination. The garment is presented unzipped with the inside first, reducing the risk of contaminating the garment’s outside. Plus, the arms are telescope folded, as are the legs, which have built-in snaps. For use in biotech, non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, bio-medical research, and pharmaceutical compounding, they are designed to protect your process by providing comfortable, sustainable protection. Kimberly-Clark Professional is a respected name in protective apparel, enabling you to deliver the reliable protection you’re required to provide and the peace of mind your team deserves.

  • 25 Kimtech™ A6 Clean Apparel Coveralls / Case; Bulk Packaged; Small; White; Hood, Thumb Loops, Elastic Cuffs
  • Made of high-performance laminated film fabric for the hood, front panel, arms and legs and ultra-lightweight breathable SMS for the back panel
  • Origami folded to facilitate and reduce gowning time; Arms telescope folded, legs telescope folded with built-in snaps
  • Suitable for IOS 7 and 8 / Grade C and D cleanrooms; Low lint fabric, Helmke Drum Category II
  • Type 6 limited chemical splash protection, Type 5 particle protection, 94.6% bacterial filtration efficiency

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