HAKO Cleanserv SD 43/180 Floor Polisher 17″

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HAKO CLEANSERV SD 43/180 Floor Polisher 17″

Cleanserv SD43/180 (Super 43/180) Standard machine for basic and maintenance cleaning. Typically employed for shampooing carpets and for the basic cleaning of all hard floors.

Technical Data SD 43/180
Nominal Voltage 230/50 V/Hz
Performance Max. 1,200 W
Revolution 180 rpm
Working width 43 cm
Weight 35 kg
Cable Length 12 m
Ground clearance 125/330 mm

Mesin polisher standar untuk pembersihan awal (Basic Cleaning) and perawatan lantai, seperti untuk mencuci karpet dan membersihkan lantai yang kotor.

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Berat 42 kg