HAKO B12 Compact Automatic Scrubber Drier – Pad

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HAKO B12 Compact Automatic Scrubber Drier – Pad

HAKO SCRUBMASTER B12 Compact Automatic Scrubbers / Hako Matic B12
The Scrubmaster B12 is a flexible pedestrian scrubber-drier designed to clean small floor spaces.

Key Features

  • Compact, flexible and manoeuvrable design
  • Ergonomic steering column- height and angle can both be adjusted
  • Lightweight and folding steering lever enables space-saving storage and easy transportation
  • High level of manoeuvrability and visibility even in confined spaces and on uneven surfaces
  • Quick and easy change of circular brush
  • Low noise
  • On board charger
Technical Data Scrubmaster B12
Working width (cm) 38
Squeegee width (cm) 47
Performance approx. (m2/h) 1500
Voltage (V) 24
Battery capacity (Ah) 25
Number of brushes 1
Working speed (km/h) 4,0
Solution tank (l) 16
Recovery tank (l) 22
Width with/without squeegee (cm) 47
Weight without battery (kg) 40
Weight (wet) with battery (kg) 80
Overall perfomance (kW) 0.54

Standard Accessories :

  • On-Board Charger
  • Battery 2 x 12 VDC/25 Ah
  • 1 x Pad Holder
  • 1 x Buffing Pad, Medium (Red)
  • 1 x Buffing Pad, Soft (White)

Desain yang Kompak dan Praktis, mudah dipindah-pindah, sangat fleksibel untuk digunakan di area sempit, Tombol dilengkapi dengan simbol-simbol yang mudah di mengerti memudahkan pengoperasian mesin. Penutup tanki air kotor (Recovery Tank) yang dapat dibuka/tutup memudahkan saat pembersihan.

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 49 kg