HAKO Scrubmaster B310 R CL Ride-On Scrubber Driers Sweeper

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(Matic 1100)

The Scrubmaster B310 R Scrubber Dryer is a large, battery powered, ride-on machine that combines pre-sweeping and scrubbing for perfect cleaning results.

Ride-On Scrubber Driers yang di kombinasi dengan proses menyapu (Pre-Sweep) dan Vacuum dalam satu pengoperasian. Efisien, bebas debu dan hemat biaya untuk area yang luas. Safety Roof Cab di gambar adalah OPTIONAL !


  • Powerful, manoeuvrable and highly efficient over large areas
  • Large water tank enabling long, uninterrupted periods of operation
  • One button operation
  • Robust and heavy duty design ensures a long service life
  • Plate and cylindrical brush options
  • Powerful 640Ah battery pack available for increased run time
  • Cost saving by Aqua-Control-System;
    • All brushes are equipped with a water retaining ring
    • Brushes and water stop when the machine stands still
    • Precise dosage of cleaning solution
  • Pre sweep unit – Take-it-easy hopper system (CL model only)
Technical Data Scrubmaster B310 R CL TB 1020
Working width (cm) 102
Squeegee width (cm) 126
Power consumption, hydraulic motor (W) 1400
Maximum climbing capacity (%) 15
Driving speed (km/h) 8
Working speed (km/h) 7
Power consumption, suction motor (W) 1270
Number of brushes 2
Brush diameter (cm) 53
Brush speed (rpm) 210
Power consumption, brush motor (W) 2 x 700
Theoretical area coverage (m2) 7000
Flexible panel tank volumes (l) 310
Nominal voltage (V) 36
Total output (kW) 5.9
Width with squeegee (cm) 126
Length with squeegee (cm) 215
Height without/with cab safety roof (cm) 140/200
Weight (empty) without battery (kg) 707
Weight (wet) with battery (kg) 1787

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 1200 kg
Dimensi 250 × 150 × 160 cm