ANTUS Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer 30lt

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Product Introduction

Thank you for buying and using the ANTUS floor scrubber with rotary scrubber disc. This machine is characterized by easy operation, safety in use, integration of scrubbing and drying, high cleaning
efficiency and outstanding cleaning effects and is an ideal selection for replacing ordinary floor scrubbers and water sucking machines. It especially applies to large and medium-sized public places such as wine shops, hotels, office buildings and exhibition halls. ANTUS 0600301 floor scrubber with rotatory scrubber disc is an essential cleaning device in the modern cleaning machinery.

Product Characteristics

  • It has a large working width and uses a 220V AC driving disc for driving.
  • It uses single-brush direct gear box driving and thus has a strong scrubbing force.
  • It uses upper and lower balance tank design to strengthen operation stability.
  • The machine body is short, rotatable by 360° and casy to operate flexibly.
  • The scrubber disc is provided with a rotary device for free walking and easy to disassemble and assemble.

Main Structure
The main structure of the ANTUS floor scrubber:

  1. Control handle
  2. Control aluminum pipe
  3. Power cord
  4. Decoration cover
  5. Sewage tank
  6. Suction pipe
  7. Suction tank drain pipe
  8. Clear water tank
  9. Induced draft pipe
  10. Bumping wheel
  11. Clear water tank drain pipe
  12. Scrubber disc
  13. Support assembly
  14. Rear wheel
  15. Suction head

Technical Parameters

Voltage/Frequency 220V-240V~/50HZ
Width of suction head 770mm
Scrubber disc diameter ø455mm
Scrubbing brush motor 1100W
Scrubbing brush pressure 30kg
Suction motor 1000W
Scrubbing brush RPM 148rpm/min
Power cord length 18m
Working width 455mm
Clear water tank 35L
Sewage tank 18L
Clean efficiency 1660 m²/h
Body weight 69kg
Packaging size 1060 X 650 X1025mm