Tiger Vac EXP1-15 (4W) RE SERIES EXP1-15 (4W) RE HEPA 38 L 110251B

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Vacuum Cleaner – Pharma – Wet & Dry Recovery 


ATEX 3rd Party Certified
Logo-CE 0081 Logo-EX II 2 GD
Ex d IIA T3 Gb
Ex t IIIC T200°C Db IP6X
LCIE 03 ATEX 6297

GUARANTEED for the Safe Recovery of Combustible/Conductive Dusts and Flammable Liquids

ESD Safe: Vacuum Systems for Hazardous Locations are designed to prevent ignition hazards.
We use metal parts or Static Dissipative Powder Coating to prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)


  • Legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof
  • Less than 10 ohms of resistivity
  • HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.995% at 0.3 micron. Tested IEST-RP-CC001. H14 by MPPS method as per EN 1822 and OSHA compliant. All of our HEPA vacuum systems are aerosol leak tested before leaving our facility – included
  • For general cleanup in hazardous locations
  • Single phase explosion proof/dust ignition proof motor
  • Equipped with a Middle Ring with Activated Carbon (MRAC) for the adsorption of toxic/noxious fumes and vapors
  • For wet & dry recovery
  • All stainless steel SAE 304 construction
  • Static dissipative poly liner and clip for the easy and safe disposal of recovered materials – available
  • Mounted on a 4-wheel dolly for easy maneuverability. Dolly has static dissipative wheels
  • Includes a complete static dissipative tool kit