KRANZLE Therm C 11/130 Hot Water HPC

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KRANZLE THERM C 11/130 Hot Water HPC

Basic features:

  • Integrated trolley
  • 7.5 m power lead
  • Cable reel
  • 10 m steel-weave high-pressure hose; with hose drum 15 m
  • Total-Stop facility with delayed motor cut-out
  • 4-way safety system with overload protection
  • Continuously adjustable temperature control
  • Continuously adjustable pressure control from outside the machine
  • Integrated steam level
  • Pre-aeration of combustion chamber
  • 25 l fuel tank with content monitoring
  • Brass pump head
  • Dry-run safety
  • Ceramic-coated pump plungers
  • Spray gun with safety cut-out
  • Spray lance with stainless steel pipe
  • Receptacle for spray gun, lance and Dirtkiller
  • Detergent injector with filter

All it takes is an intelligent design concept to combine the complex drive, pump and safety features of a HD high pressure cleaner with the well proven combustion chamber from the large Kränzle-therm series and the generously dimension-ed fuel tank and to fit them into the smallest space available so as to create a extremely compact and handy unit. The new Kränzle therm C is designed for heavy-duty professional work. Wherever persistent dirt and stains need to be removed thoroughly and effectively the new Kränzle – therm C is ready to show its strength. Pressure and spray water temperature can be adjusted continuously according to application range requirements. Its output per liter is quite remarkable and varies with the selected pressure. In the event of extreme soiling the integrated steam level should be used. Designed by professionals for professionals.

Technical Specifications

Operating pressure adjustable 30 – 130 bar
Max. admissible overpressure 145 bar
Connected load 230V/ 1 Ph / 50 Hz / 15 A
Motor speed 1400
Water output 660 l/h
Power intake / Power output 3.4 / 2.3 kW
Volume water tank 4 l
Hot water output adjustable 12 – 80º C
Steam level 140º C
Heating output 55 kW
Fuel tank 25 l
Power supply cable 5 m
Dimensions L x W x H 79 x 59 x 98 cm
Weight 150 kg
Cleaning agent intake yes


  • Steel braided high-pressure hose 10 m
  • Trigger gun with safety catch Model M2000
  • Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle size D25045

Pembersih bertekanan tinggi bertekanan tinggi dari Kranzle menggabungkan sejumlah besar inovasi teknis yang memberikan kenyamanan kinerja, keandalan, keselamatan dan pengoperasian yang tinggi untuk pemakaian sehari-hari. Tekanan air dan suhu dapat diatur sesuai dengan kebutuhan adalah salah satu rangkaian teknis dari seri Kranzle Therm. Kaca Pemantau nyala api, jam operasi dan langkah-langkah keamanan yang komprehensif mengubah Kranzle Therm menjadi produk yang benar-benar dapat diandalkan, ramah lingkungan, bersih dan senyap. Teknologi Kranzle membantu Anda menghemat air dan energi dengan efisiensi maksimal !

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 152 kg
Dimensi 99 × 79 × 118 cm