KRANZLE THERM 895-1 T Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

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The Therm 895-1 (T) is an excellent design, to appreciate the size and quality of the Therm it really should be seen. The Therm is a big, solid and very well made hot and cold pressure washer that weighs over 200 kgs. It is a powerful hot and cold washer running on 3-Phase power supply (415 volt). Durable design intended for years of industrial and commercial use.

The pressure of the Therm 895-1 (T) can be fully adjusted and at maximum will give over 2800 psi. This is actual pressure at the nozzle,unlike low pressure chemical injectors, here the actual pressure is around 30% higher than traditional systems – something true of any pressure washers with low pressure chemical option.

The boiler unit or combustion chamber is probably the best used on any make of mobile steam cleaner. Most on the market are formed out of a thin tin like material. Kranzle therm casings are machined out of 1/4″ inch galvanized plate steel.

The flame chamber is within an inner cylinder ensuring that the flame does not directly touch the coil. This refinement eliminates sooting up – a common problem with other steam cleaners that leads to smokey exhaust, poor efficiency and higher servicing costs. Kranzle are renowned for low servcing costs and excellent efficiency.

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Weight 218 kg
Dimensions 1070 × 820 × 1320 cm