ISCAR GRIP 3003Y IC5010 Insert

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ISCAR GRIP 3003Y IC5010 Insert

Family Designation: GRIP Double-ended inserts, for turning & grooving in external, internal and face applications

Item Designation: GRIP 3003Y

Grade : IC5010

A hard substrate, improved MTCVD TiCN and a thick alpha Al2O3 CVD coating. Recommended mainly for grey cast iron at stable or slightly unstable conditions. Can be used successfully also on nodular cast iron. 

ISO Range – P/M/K (K10-K25)
ISO Range – H/S/N
Grade or Coating Type CVD
Coating Layers TiCN+Al2O3+TiN

Cutting Speed for: GRIP 3003Y IC5010 – 6200426

ISO Material Material Description Material Condition Cutting Speed Recommendations
K 15 Grey cast iron (GG) Pearlitic/ferritic :180 145-260 m/min
K 16 Grey cast iron (GG) Pearlitic/martensiti :260 125-180 m/min
K 17 Nodular cast iron (GGG) Ferritic :160 130-220 m/min
K 18 Nodular cast iron (GGG) Pearlitic :250 105-175 m/min
K 19 Malleable cast iron Ferritic :130 165-270 m/min
K 20 Malleable cast iron Pearlitic :230 135-220 m/min