ANTUS Push On Manual Sweeper

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This is a manual sweeper that are driven by pushing. Wheel rotating drive the belt, then the belt drive the roller brush and the side brushes to sweep floor and collect the rubbish into the waste tank. Side brushes are designed to sweep the rubbish to the working area of the roller brush. Then the roller brush takes the rubbish into waste tank. Side brushes are very effective when sweep the corners.

Drive Manual
Roller brush length 48cm
Cleaning width (single side brush) 70cm
Cleaning width (double side brushes) 92cm
Working capacity (single side brush) 2800m/h
Working capacity (double side brushes) 3680m/h
Waste tank capacity 40L
Dimension 130x79x103,5cm
Net Weight 21kg

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Berat 21 kg
Dimensi 130 × 79 × 103,5 cm