ANTUS Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 3 Phase 60L

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This product adopts three phase high-pressure vacuum pump (380V 2.2KW), which has stronger sucƟon power, and high-tech
silence-reduced device, which makes the operaƟon more silence, and the addiƟonal tool box makes it more convenient to use

Enough working area

Removable vacuum dust bucket makes cleaning up garbage more convenient

Dust removal (vibraƟon) hand plate of external cleaning filter.

This vacuum cleaner is especially suitable for hardware, wood inidustry and other industries.

It can effectively remove processed metal chips, wood chisps and other types of dust

Voltage/Frequency : 380 AC 50Hz

Hose length : 5m

Length squeegee : 760mm

Maximum Flow : 318m /h

Maximum sucon : 8 inhg

Minimum blowing : 7,6 inhg

Noise : 69 dB(A)

Vacuum bucket cap. : 60L/80/110

Dust paron material : 4660 cm

Interface Diameter : 40mm