LAVOR PRO GBP 20 PRO Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 20 l

Rp 7.050.000 (belum PPN)


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LAVOR PRO GBP 20 PRO Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 20lt

Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners, Carpet Cleaners

Wet & dry vacuum cleaners with injection/extraction washing for carpet, sofas and armchairs. For the hygiene and sterilisation of the surfaces with water power and specific detergents studied for the cleanness of carpet, sofas and armchairs. Equipped with powerful and silent high speed motor with by-pass cooling. Unlimited autonomy – no stop refilling whenever the light is on. Wet & dry vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner GBP 20, thanks to the rich standard equipment is a precious and absolutely necessary cleaning tool for all tissue surfaces.

Features : 

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with injection/extraction washing function for carpet, vehicle seats, tents, chairs, mats etc.. Silenced power motor (high speed) with by-pass cooling. Detergent pump (max 0,25 l/min 2 bar max). Unlimited autonomy – no-stop refilling. Power cable 4 m. Flex hose 2 m.

Equipped with:

  • Silenced single stage motor.
  • Suction system with by-pass cooling.
  • 20 litre plastic tank (PP)
  • Shock proof trolley.
  • Liquid float valve.
  • 7,5 m power cable.
  • Washable filter
  • Paper collector filter
  • Accessories Ø 35.

Techincals characteristic :

code 8.204.0066
voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
n°motors – power (max) 1 – 1200 (1400) W
column depression 27 kPa/2700 mmH 2 O
air suction 70 l/s
total volume 20 l.
dimension/weight 40x39x64 cm/9,5 kg


Informasi Tambahan

Berat 14,5 kg
Dimensi 4 × 39 × 64 cm