KLINGSPOR LS 309 JF Abrasive Roll 100×50000 mm

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Klingspor LS 309 JF – the perfect abrasive roll for all types of metal and wood

The LS 309 JF abrasive roll made by Klingspor is an exceptional choice for applications on all types of metal and wood. Its red cloth material satisfies all expectations you can impose on a coated abrasive. This abrasive roll will stand up to any application you can throw at it thanks to its backing made of durable and flexible JF cotton cloth. Better still, it is also highly recommended for use at constructions sites and in workshops.

Fine scratch pattern and outstanding grinding performance during coarse grinding and finishing

The LS 309 JF abrasive roll is a high-performance abrasive that covers an extensive range of possible applications. It is equally well suited for precision work and work on large surfaces made of

  • All ferrous metals,
  • Painted wood,
  • steel,
  • NF metals,
  • Plastic and
  • Stainless steel.

One of the key advantages that lets this abrasive stand out is its vast range of possible applications. An excellent choice for precise grinding tasks performed by hand, the product equally excels when used with hand-operated grinders such as an orbital sander. Its very flexible cloth has proven highly effective – especially when used on contours, profiles and tight radii. Perfectly contouring to the workpiece you need to sand, this abrasive provides for a continuous and uniform stripping of material. These properties make the LS 309 JF abrasive roll by Klingspor uniquely capable to produce clean surfaces on wood and metal.

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