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SGIH Parting & Grooving Blades for GTN Inserts from the World’s Leading Producer of Metal Removal Tools. ISCAR’s dynamic comprehensive line of precision carbide metalworking tools is the first choice for application by most machinists. Whether you are parting off small components or grooving large diameters, you will find GTN insert grade compatible for parting and grooving here. This line of carbide parting/grooving inserts aid in maintaining secure, cost-efficient production. Over 45 assortments are on offer in all standard geometry and widths for parting and grooving applications. The tool made from steel makes it ideal for parting-off, grooving, and turning operations in harsh industrial conditions. ISCAR’s SELF-GRIP series grade use low-to-medium-to-high speed and feed. All assortments come in blade height range: 0.75 inches, 1.02 inches, 1.05 inches, 1.25 inches. The overall blade is at 0.094 inches.


  • Easy removal of inserts with extractors.
  • Multiple lead angles.
  • Chip breakers on inserts allow for high speeds and feed rates.
  • Very rigid clamping.
  • High reliability, High rigidity, and Increased stability.
  • Provides excellent straightness and surface finish.
  • Excellent tool and pocket life.
  • Coolant-free operation.


  • Parting / Cut-Off / Grooving of Materials


  • Accepts standard GTN inserts and equivalent.
  • Available in mulitple blade heights & insert thicknesses
  • Stopper-types available for added stability when parting.
  • Double Sided
  • Multiple manufactures available