HAKO B70 Scrubber Drier – Brush

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HAKO B70 Scrubber Drier – Brush

(Hako Matic B70)

HAKO B70 Scrubber Drier adalah alat pembersih pedestrian dengan performa tinggi dan efisien yang cocok untuk digunakan di area menengah dan besar seperti pusat perbelanjaan dan supermarket serta area produksi dan penyimpanan.

Scrubmaster B70

Area coverage up to 4,200  m² cleaned/hour
The optimal machines for the economic wet cleaning of medium and large-sized hard floor indoor areas. Excellent view, incredible manoeuvrability, simple operation.
Optimum vacuuming up of the cleaning solution even on difficult floors thanks to the innovative squeegee geometry. Available with either disk brushes for smooth floors
or cylindrical brushes with integrated course dirt collection for use on structured floors. In addition, the solution and recovery tanks of the Scrubmaster B70 are provided with the Hako-AntiBac® feature which considerably reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the tanks.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty construction and corrosion resistant aluminium brush head casting
  • Cylindrical brush option available
  • Direct Brush Release System for quick and easy changing of brushes
  • Cost saving by Aqua-Control-System;
  • All brushes are equipped with a water retaining ring
  • Brushes and water stop when the machine stands still
  • Precise dosage of cleaning solution
  • Large tank lid for easy cleaning
  • Easy ergonomic operation as a result of the compact, manoeuvrable construction
  • Cost saving squeegee blades which may be used four times


Technical Data, Scrubmaster B70
Working width (cm) 65
Squeegee width (cm) 95
Theoretical area coverage (m²/h) 3,200
Nominal voltage (V) 24
No. of brushes 2 disk
Working speed (km/h) 5.0
Clean water tank (l) 72
Dirty water tank (l) 74
Width, without/with squeegee (cm) 58/95
Weight without battery (kg) 175
Weight, wet with battery (kg) 325
Total output (kW) 2.26

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 330 kg