AXIS P3235-LVE Fixed Dome Camera

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Outdoor-ready Fixed Dome Camera for any Light Conditions

Main features:

  • HDTV 1080p video quality
  • Outdoor-ready and IK10-rated
  • Remote zoom and focus
  • WDR – Forensic Capture, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Two-way audio: connectors for mic or line in, and line out
  • Supervised digital input and digital output
  • Zipstream

Don’t miss a thing – even in the dark
AXIS P3235-LVE provides outstanding image usability regardless of light conditions.
It features WDR – Forensic Capture for clarity when there are both dark and light areas in the scene, Lightfinder for high-quality – color – images even when they’re recorded in near darkness and P-Iris control for optimal clarity and depth of field. And OptimizedIR ensures even illumination for excellent video quality even in complete darkness.

Looking for audio or I/O connectivity?
AXIS P3235-LVE is also audio-ready, which means it’s easy to add audio capabilities by connecting a microphone and speaker. With AXIS P3235-LVE, you can take advantage of audio and video in one stream, listen in on transactions or incidents, and trigger audio warnings. AXIS P3235-LVE comes with Axis audio analytics, and you can also add third-party audio applications – for example, for detecting aggressive behavior. You can make your surveillance system even smarter by integrating other equipment via the AXIS P3235-LVE: A sensor or detector can be connected to the camera’s digital input to trigger alarms or actions, and since the input can be supervised, an alarm can also be sent if the connection is cut. A device, such as a relay to activate lights or lock/unlock doors, can be connected to the digital output and be controlled by the camera.