ANTUS Dual Jet High Speed Hand Dryer 

Rp 7.750.000 (belum PPN)

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Public powerful jet hand dryer


1. Automatic operation

2. Power supply:220V, 50Hz

3. Power consumption:650W


1. High speed drying hand,the brushless motor speed is about 22,500 rpm,it takes only 5 to 7 seconds to dry your hands with clean air at 90m/s(the speed can be adjust by manual, high speed is 95m/s,low speed is 85m/s).

2. This units hand-free design makes sure your hands don’t come into contact with any surface when drying.This drying method is more hygienic and sanitary than any other conventional dryer.
3. The unit’s unique drain tank design also keeps water from dripping onto the floor and avoids a mess.

4. Safety Device with overheating protection ,over-current protection and short circuit protection.

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Berat 9,7 kg
Dimensi 30 × 22 × 68 cm