ANTUS Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner 5 lt

Rp 3.560.000 (belum PPN)

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ANTUS Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner 5 lt

Back pack style silent type Vacuum cleaners


In a low-noise design, this machine is small handy and strong in suction. It has multi-purpose attachments that fix to the main unit easily. The product is suitable for families, member’s club, workshop, factory premises, office buildings and other large-scale public places

Technological parameter

Capacity 5 L
Working Voltage 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power 1000 W
Function Dust Vacuuming
Air flow rate 48 L/s
vacuum suction 190 mbar
cooling mode circulating air cooling
Tank diameter Ø 215×230 mm
Height 560 mm
matching part Ø 36 mm
Power cord 18 m

 Standard attachments

  • Soft tube
  • Short connector
  • Long connector
  • Steel pipe
  • Dust vacuuming head
  • Long and flat head
  • Round brush
  • Sofa vacuuming head

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 9,5 kg
Dimensi 57,7 × 35,7 × 30 cm